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Worm Racing
Welcome. Hope you can come to our 2019 Festival.

Whip Cracking

Whip Cracking  Sponsored By Pechey Disilling Co

  • Saturday, 19th October 2019. 3:00pm. Come half an hour early
  • Centenary Park, Crow's Nest Qld
  • Prizes at the discretion of the officials.
  • Nomination forms available at the Festival Office in the Park on the day
  • Free entry
  • Bring your own whips, spare crackers and be dressed for the competition.
  • You must be 17 years or under to compete in one category and 10 years and under in the other category. This year we will also run an OPEN section for 18 year old +
  • Time Limit: 2 minutes per competitor so show what you can do. VARIETY is the key word.
  • Email if you have any queries or questions or want to nominate in advance.
Judging - points allocation.
  • 10 points. Presentation. Up to ten points will be awarded by the judge for overall appearance, appropriate dress, presentation of whips, performance and confidence. COMPETITION DRESS CODE: Suitable Australian style costume eg wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, covered foot wear, glasses (sun, safety or regular). NO GLASSES, NO COMPETE
  • 30 points. Single whip, one hand.
  • 40 points. Single whip, other hand.
  • 80 points. Two whips.
  • 40 points. Special routines and rhythmic combinations eg Mary had a little lamb, windscreen wipers, train, bullock whip
TOTAL: 200 points.

Levels of Difficulty: A Cattleman's Crack and Fast Figure 8's would be at the bottom of the scale. Then would come rhythm cracking, then cross overs, such as Queensland Crossovers, then routines such as staggered Sydney Flash or Hoofbeats.

Avoid tangles and missed cracks.