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Worm Racing
Welcome. Hope you can come to our 2019 Festival.

Worm races


Crow's Nest, Queensland- the home of worm racing in Australia.

Running three race programs each year, Crow's Nest has to have worm racing covered. Called " Australia's down-to-earth sport", worm racing has got a wriggle on in the picturesque town just north of Toowoomba.

 During the Crow's Nest Community Festival, worm races are held at the Lions Club function,  and of course at the annual Crow's Nest Day.

YOU are invited to race a worm on Crow's Nest Day. Free entry.

Either bring your own, or we have specially bred and trained racing worms for you to use.

As many people you talk to after the worm races will not believe that you raced a worm, certificates are awarded to all participants.

 Look out for the Best Baits worm racing form guide for the   Grand Old Crow Hotel Perseverance Cup, run over an 18 inch circular course. Worms are auctioned for The Grand Old Crow Hotel Perseverance Cup - they have sold for up to $500 in good times. The race is held on a Calcutta style - so the more money the worms get sold for, the more the prize pool.

There is a FREE Trifecta, where you can pick the winners - and if you correctly choose First, Second, Third and Fourth in order, a $50 cash prize is yours.

2016 STARTERS in the Grand Old Crow Hotel Perseverance Cup

Community United

  1.   Arti Zan
  2. Cafe Capers

  3. E Merg Ency

  4. Butcher Boy

  5. Dairy Belle

  6. Our Heritage

  7. Our Council

  8. School's In

  9. Boyzen Blue

  10. Bowled Over

    Emergency: 11. Auction Ear   


Crow's Nest Qld CNR

1:45pm Saturday 22nd October 2016

Local trophy.
Calcutta at 1:45pm
Theme: Crow's Nest United


First: 20% of calcutta plus ribbon and trophy. Second: 15% Third: 10% Fourth: 5%

 1. Arti Zan by Crafty Daze out of The Nest
Owner:                                                          Colours: Purple

Not all racing worms are tarred with the same brush. If you canvas opinions you will find that Arti Zan will give a great showing today and produce a great exhibition. We draw the line at saying Arti Zan has it all sewn up, but add some colour to your racing portfolio and back this popular local worm.

 2 Cafe Capers by Burger Master out of Lah Tay
Owner:                                           Colours: Black

This worm is a chip off the old block. Cafe Capers is fed a varied menu and the results show. This is not just a short black, but a real deal. You will get value for money with Cafe Capers, who has wiped clean the opposition in past races. The smell of good coffee is enough to kick start this little worm on race day.

 3. E Merg Ency by Fighting Firie out of S.E.S Lass
Owner:                                        Colours: Yellow

This racing worm is no pin up calendar boy. He loves to be hosed down after a race. E Merg Ency feels at home in his yellow colours and handles the pressure well. He trains through flood, fire and storm and when we communicated with the breeder, we were told that E Merg Ency is one of the most dependable racing worms doing the rounds..

4. Butcher Boy by Chopping Block out of The Cold Room.
Owner:                                          Colours: Red

We won't mince words. Butcher Boy is as sharp as a knife on the race track. He should snag a win today. Butcher Boy won't chicken out of tough competition, but should roast his competitors and race at a sizzling pace. He may ham it up for the press, but his performance today should put some pork on your fork.

5. Dairy Belle by Pasture Eyes out of The Vat
Owner:                                          Colours: White

This little racing worm is simply an udder delight. Almost a threatened species, Dairy Belle is the cream of the crop. She is a good mixer and goes well with stable mates Coffee Creme and Hazelnut Hunter. She will milk this race for all that it's worth and rise to the top. Dairy Belle for the Grand Old Crow Cup.  

6. Our Heritage by People First out of The Vault
Owner:                                         Colours: Gold

You can safely say that purchasing Our Heritage makes a lot of cents. Cheque this one out and note the bloodlines. This worm even trains on Saturdays. It's on the cards that a win by Our Heritage is as good as in the bank. Talk to the breeder. Go teller that you need some insurance that a win is at hand ....and you will get the good oil. Our Heritage is a winner !

 7. Our Council by Regional Roger out of Amalgamation
Owner:                                          Colours: Brown
up a shovel and dust off the rates notice. We have a wheely good racer here. Our Council has worked out in the local parks and gardens, and will steamroll through the job at hand. This racer has looked a picture over recent months. We hear even the Mayor is behind this entrant.

8. School's In by Crow Kid out of Possum Pal
Owner:                                           Colours: Orange

Let this be a lesson to you - School's In will be top of the class here today. It's assignment has been to aim high and pass the test. It never skips class when in training and will parade well today before the race and pass with top marks.

9. Boyzen Blue by Loud Siren out of On Patrol.
Owner:                                         Colours: Blue

The lights are flashing ! A win is surely on the radar today. You'll be stunned by his performance today. Always there when there is a spot of bother, Boyzen Blue will be in form today. This little worm has often been put on the bag - the nose bag that is !

10 Bowled Over by The Skip out of White Leghorn
Owner:                                         Colours: Green

This is on the level - there is no bias when we say Bowled Over has got out of the gutter and is now travelling well. Don't bring out the hanky. She's alright Jack. You can bet on the green machine today and put the winnings in the kitty. Great support Australia wide for this racer.

11. Auction Ear by The Spotter out of The Crowd
Owner:                                          Colours: Silver

This is one low set unit. Auction Ear should attract your bid if given a start. She likes room to move and has been commissioned to switch on the lights and Go! Go! Go!

  RECORD: 7.6 seconds set by Court Seal in 1987.

RESULTS: First                                Second                                           Third                                        Fourth

Time:           seconds